Salam Indonesia..Perkenalkan saya Alfred...seorang muda yang punya mimpi-mimpi dan senang belajar dari segala sumber yang baik untuk action mewujudkan mimpi-mimpi itu. Semoga postingan saya menjadi inspirasi bagi kita semua. Salam hangat....

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Seorang Muda yang punya mimpi dan TAKE ACTION untuk Mewujudkannya...Salam hormat Kontak saya: fooalfred2412@gmail.com


Sedikit intermezo teman-teman. Feuh....Lagi Suka dengerin lagu ini nieh... Cuz tak satupun orang yang mendukung mimpi saya. Hanya Tuhan dan saya sendiri yang ada. But I Will Never Give Up!...Juz Me! MAN AGAINST THE WORLDS!!!

PS: Nanti saya upload video klipnya...salam


Have you ever walked alone at night
Like a man against the world
No one takes your side
A boat against the tide
When your faith is shaken you start to break
And you heart cant find the words
Tossed upon the sand
I give you a man against the world
All the people cheer til the end is near

And the hero takes a fall
Then theyll drag you through the mud
Youre only flesh and blood
I have walked the path from dark to light
And they've yet to come to terms
Alone I take my stand
Im only a man against the world

And love, like a distant reminder
It tugs at my shoulder
It calls me home
I shout, can a single voice carry
Will I find sanctuary within your arms
Someday when the answers clearer
Someday when I even the score
Youll reach and youll find me near you
Right beside you

But for now Ill walk the night alone
Like a man against the world
A brand new day will shine
Through the avalanche of time
Now the roads grown long, but the spirits strong
And the fire within still burns
Alone I take my stand
I give you a man against the world


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